Outgoing travel to Macau is on the rise in China, as the region continues to attract Chinese tourists. While outbound travel from mainland China has been slow, the recent spike in outbound traffic is a positive sign. Domestic flights, subway rides, and rail passenger numbers have recovered to pre-Covid levels. During the seven-day Golden Week holidays in early May, more than 230 million people flocked to the city, up 9.2 percent from last year. That’s almost double the volume of outgoing travel in 2020, which is set to be the year of the booming Chinese consumer market.

Rules and Requirements

Chinese tourists are among the first to return to Macau after the pandemic. According to the Department of Tourism of Macau, Chinese tourists returned to Macau in 2021, with the number of visitors up 54%. However, outbound travel from mainland China to Hong Kong fell 98% in the same period. Although outgoing travel is gradually improving, travel restrictions remain in effect in most parts of Asia. In addition, it is still advisable to visit a physician before traveling.

Incoming travel to Macau may be more difficult than incoming travel. Chinese government regulations make it necessary for British residents to obtain a visa prior to leaving mainland China. Without the appropriate visa, people may face detention and fines by the mainland Chinese government. It is best to contact a Hong Kong travel agency or the Macao Public Security Police Force Border Control Department to obtain the necessary documents. In addition, the government of Macau has announced a new rule that prevents Mainland Chinese nationals from entering Macau.

Passengers traveling from Taiwan and Hong Kong must have complete vaccinations. Those who have not taken the vaccine should have a negative COVID-19 test result 24 hours before departure. Otherwise, travelers must stay quarantined in the city for fourteen or 21 days. In some cases, the quarantine period may be extended to 28 days. During this time, travelers who have already contracted COVID-19 must provide proof that it was two months ago.

Visiting Macau is safe if you have met all requirements. However, if you have any health issues, you should take precautions and get the necessary vaccinations before traveling to the region. Remember to check your passport and health certificates for any possible diseases before you travel. Further, it is essential to carry your medical certificate with you to the airport. For those who are fully vaccinated, compulsory quarantine can be cut down to two days if you follow the rules.


Incoming travel to Macau requires a medical examination, which is often mandatory. Further, the Chinese citizens must present a valid COVID-19 test report to enter Macau SAR, China. Mainland residents must complete an eight-hour examination and undergo a medical observation within 14 days. If the medical examination is positive, the traveler will be allowed to board the plane. In some cases, medical observations are required of those who live in Macau. For more information, please see the Macau Immigration Policy. This is a fluid policy that can change at any time.

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