The recent increase in outgoing travel to Macau offers investors a small but significant test case. The small city is one of the few in Asia to show a modest recovery in cross-border travel, a sign of hope for global tourism and China’s normalization of discretionary spending. Although Europe and the US are slowly opening up, travel restrictions will likely remain in place in most of Asia for a while. So it’s important to take these new trends into account when planning your Macau vacation.

National Policy you should know

China’s domestic tourism is already recovering from the recent recession, but the demand from mainland China is still limited to Macau. The government has introduced ‘buy one, get one free’ deals and has offered generous spending discounts at travel fairs in mainland China. In fact, outgoing travel to Macau is up by more than 9 percent in the first quarter, double the volume of the previous year. This indicates that the Chinese are increasingly confident in the destination and that outbound travel to Macau will continue to grow.

Incoming travelers are still required to get a Covid-19 vaccine for entry into Macau. However, the government has also announced that residents of Macau and Taiwan will be eligible to receive mainland social security benefits beginning Jan. 1, 2020. As a result, it is highly recommended to travel to Macau by air to avoid quarantine. This policy is in place to ensure that travelers do not bring infectious diseases onto the island.

For residents of Macau, a recent outbreak of the Covid virus (coccoid) has led to new rules for entering the Zhuhai, a city in China’s Guangdong province. In addition, a zero-tolerance policy has caused the border to close after a number of cases of the virus were detected. Despite this, the health authorities in Zhuhai have decided to grant an exemption to certain Macau travellers with a vaccination certificate and a negative Covid-19 test result within the last 48 hours.

For a reputable visa holder, you must undergo the COVID-19 test before departing for Macau. If you are a citizen of the S.A.R., you must submit a copy of your passport with you when you arrive in Macau. Those who have had this disease in the past should also take the test. A positive COVID 19 result will trigger a mandatory quarantine period.

Visitors from mainland China must serve a 14-day quarantine on arrival. Visitors from mainland China must get a new visa if they are not local residents. Hong Kong residents living in other countries may be exempt from quarantine under the Return2hk scheme. Taiwanese citizens and visitors from China and Taiwan are also required to pass the quarantine period. The quarantine period is generally less than a week, but it can last up to ninety days.

After arriving in Macau, residents of mainland China should complete a six to eight hour medical examination. It’s also essential to provide a medical certificate that confirms that they are free of Coronavirus. Those with Coronavirus are also required to obtain a 14-day medical observation certificate. However, Macao’s immigration policy is fluid and can change at any time. Check your passport before departing to ensure you’re safe.

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